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When Need Gives Way to Want

Most of us come to faith through desperate need. Somewhere along the way of life we realize that, apart from a Savior, we will choose unwisely again and again. The knowledge that we are helpless in the face of temptation, that sin has us firmly in its grasp, and that death–utter lost-ness–is the final outcome provides the catalyst to accept Christ’s offer of salvation. The need for mercy drives us to our knees as we cry out for help, and God graciously answers.

It’s easy–too easy–to stop there.The need is met. My eternity is secure.

But if I diligently read Scripture and pursue the things of God rather than the things of this world, it eventually becomes obvious that there is something more. As I ponder and pray, it occurs to me that needing God is no longer enough. I realize that I want God even more than I need him. Need has given way to want.

Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you. -Psalm 73:25

God needs nothing. But I believe he wants me desperately. What’s more, he wants me to want him just as desperately. I am growing in that desperate want, and I find satisfaction for it through communing with God in prayer and Bible reading, and through living out what I learn in acts of service.

What is the deep want within you? If it’s anything less than God himself, stop right now and examine your conscience. Having the need met is not the end! Life–abundant life–begins when the need gives way to want. Pray, study, serve. This is worship that satisfies the want…a life that is blessed to be a blessing.



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