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Have they forgotten?

When is the last time you preached or taught on equipping? Seriously…when?

It is all too easy for folks to forget their true vocation: serving others. They forget that they are called and gifted–equipped in every way–to do the good works God has prepared for them to do. If you regularly read my blogs, you have seen me use that phrase from Ephesians 2:10 again and again. There’s a reason for my repetition: People forget.

How often do you need to hear that you are loved? How often do you need to hear the words “I love you” from your spouse, your children, your parents, your close friends? Being reminded that we are loved builds us up, gives us confidence, provides security.

The same holds true for being reminded regularly that we are called, gifted, and equipped in every way to step confidently into the serving role God has prepared for each and every believer.  We live in a world where our lives are pulled in hundreds of directions at once…probably more like thousands, given the speed and variety with which we are daily bombarded with information. As ministry leaders, we need to help those we serve sift through the competing demands to hone in on what’s truly important and life-giving.

I challenge you to find even subtle ways to remind people regularly–a minimum of once a month!–of their true vocation. You don’t have to preach a whole sermon around serving as your main point, but you can find ways to include references to calling/vocation, spiritual gifts or serving others in one sermon out of four. At least once every few weeks invite someone to share the blessing they received when using their gifts to serve others. Lift up those stories and celebrate them!

Create an equipping culture that continually reminds folks that they are created, called, and gifted to serve. In so doing, you will build people up, give them confidence, and provide the security they need to step into their world as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ!

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