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Team Lessons From the Fab Five

Watching the United States women’s gymnastic team compete in the Olympics last week reminded me what a high-capacity team looks like!

1. Each one of the Fab Five is an accomplished athlete in her own right. At various points in the competition, one woman’s particular skill would lead the team. But, for the most part, they each brought what they had for the good of the whole.

2. They truly encouraged each other. Early on, it seemed the hugs were perfunctory, but as the competition continued, those hugs became more genuine.  “You can do this,” was heard more than once in the face of faltering self-confidence. A particularly poignant moment was when the camera focused on Jordyn Wieber cheering on Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman in the all-around—the competition from which Jordyn had been unfairly (in my opinion) eliminated.

3. Aly was brave enough to take out what wasn’t working. As she was practicing for the floor exercise, one particular move kept causing Aly problems. She just couldn’t quite make it work, so she took it out. Aly’s routine was less impressive, but she didn’t insist on being the star. The team would have paid the price if she had insisted on trying to impress the judges with a move that was simply not coming together for her.

4. Even after some less-than-stellar performances, not one of those young women gave up. They kept the main thing, the main thing: doing their best to win. They didn’t quit and, in the end, they brought home the Gold!

5. God receives the glory. During an interview after winning the all-around, Gabby said, “I give all the glory to God. The glory goes up and the gold comes down!”

Similarly, high-capacity ministry teams:

  • value the unique gifts and contribution of each individual
  • work together for the good of the whole
  • offer mutual encouragement
  • are willing to let go of things that don’t work
  • don’t attract glory-seekers
  • focus on what needs to be accomplished
  • give God all the glory!

Can your team bring home the Gold?

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