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Is your ministry a movie trailer?

My daughter loves movie trailers. She fusses if we are late to the movie theater  because she will miss the previews of coming attractions. When watching a movie at home, fast-forwarding to get to the main feature is strictly forbidden. She wants to see what she has to look forward to!

A colleague recently shared a great video clip of a roundtable discussion between Mike Breen, Jeff Vanderstelt, Jo Saxton, and Alan Hirsch. I found this snippet of their conversation fascinating:

“This is what it looked like with Jesus and this is what we think it will look like in heaven. So, clearly, we’re trying to say, ‘Let’s live out what it is we think we can  interpret and understand of the community Jesus created and the one we are expecting in heaven. Let’s try and do that now because then people get a witness of what it is that they’re longing for… It’s the trailer to a movie…a window to heaven.'”

Guess what they are talking about? The church that equips its people to serve, that sets them free for ministry…the community where “everyone gets to play.”

Is your church community a movie trailer? Does it give folks a glimpse of what they have to look forward to? Are your people excited to participate in ministry because it gives them a foretaste of heaven?

Or do they hope and pray that heaven is nothing like their current experience of ministry–a place where no one is equipped and only the elite get to play?

(See the video clip here, then take a minute to comment on your favorite snippet from the conversation.)

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