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Snatched for a Blessing

One of the joys of my ministry is to serve at the communion table on Sundays. When I finish the preparation, I sit back behind the table while the church comes forward to receive the sacrament. It’s a sweet spot from which I can see those coming forward and pray for the Holy Spirit to minister to them. For some reason, I took particular notice of the children yesterday. Some came forward with their little hands outstretched and cupped, ready to receive the piece of bread. Others who are not yet ready to partake of the elements received a blessing from the pastor.

One little preschool-age boy came forward holding his daddy’s hand, his mother behind them. After the dad had received the bread, he turned to step away and the little boy was quite content to go along. That, however, was apparently not what his momma had in mind! She snatched her son back to receive his blessing.

As I watched this scene unfold, it occurred to me that equipping leaders need to be like that mother. Like the little boy, people are all too often willing to walk away from the blessing that comes from serving. They come to church, listen to the sermon, perhaps receive communion, and walk out the door… back to the ordinary Monday through Saturday routine, often with little or no thought about their God-given ministry.

But, like that momma, equipping leaders know how important that blessing is. We understand that each believer has been uniquely designed for ministry, that each one has a specific part to play in the kingdom, and that the kingdom is not complete without that ministry being fulfilled. We understand that, like Abraham, we are each blessed to be a blessing. We serve–blessing others–out of the blessing we have received and, in turn, are blessed again for our service (John 13:14-17).

As I left the sanctuary yesterday, I looked around at the people who have become my beloved church family. I felt a little like that momma I had observed earlier as I considered how I might “snatch” this one and that one and help them receive the blessing that’s waiting for them through serving. I came away with a fresh energy for my ministry of equipping others for their ministry.

I want to encourage you today to think about who you need to “snatch” for a blessing! Pick up the phone or open up your email and invite them for a glass of lemonade and a conversation about the blessing of serving ministry. Walk them through gifts discovery. Help them connect to a serving opportunity that will match their unique design for ministry. Show them the joy of being blessed to be a blessing… and you will reap a blessing, too!

2 thoughts on “Snatched for a Blessing

  1. Andee, could you to clarify something for me. Is snatching people into ministry any different than filling slots?

    • Thanks, Rhonda, for the clarifying question. When I think of filling slots, I think of nominating committees and lists of serving opportunities that will be filled with a warm body… any warm body. That’s not equipping! When I wrote about “snatching” people, it is with with the intent to help them discover their gifting–the unique ways that God has designed them for ministry–so that they might serve in an appropriately matched ministry. It’s such a blessing to be in ministry when it’s the ministry God has prepared specifically for you!
      And while I’m clarifying… I should also say that using the word “snatching” may impart a very different image than I intend! The mother in my post was not in any way rough in the way she handled her little boy, any more than I would be rough in the way I approach people who are not yet living out their call to ministry. It is an invitational process, to be sure!

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