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What’s the big deal?

What, you say, is the big deal about spiritual gifts? Apparently, Paul thought it was a big deal…he mentions spiritual gifts in several of his letters, most notably in his first letter to the church in Corinth.

“Now about the gifts of the Spirit, brothers and sisters, I do not want you to be uninformed.”

Paul begins the twelfth chapter of 1 Corinthians with the statement above. Seems pretty clear and straight forward to me but, interestingly, Paul’s desire was largely ignored for centuries! We can thank the Pentecostals for re-discovering the importance of spiritual gifts in the early 1900s. Gifts discovery has become an increasingly popular theme in the western church, yet I’m continually surprised at how many mature Christians–not to mention ministry leaders–can’t name their spiritual gift/gift mix. Can you?

Here’s a simple exercise: take two minutes right now and list your spiritual gift(s) and how you are using it/them. Ready? Go…

If you don’t know or if you struggled or hesitated, get out your Bible and get busy in prayer, asking the Spirit to show you how he has equipped you to serve. Believe me, you need to know. Here’s why…

  1. Scripture says so.
  2. Understanding your gift/gift mix tells you where you fit in the body of Christ. You have a part to play–a job to do–and the body doesn’t function at optimum level when you don’t do your part.
  3. The gifts of the Spirit operate by the power of the Spirit. Discovering your gift leads to confidence in that power.
  4. You need to help other believers discover their spiritual gift.

This week invite five believers to try the simple exercise I just suggested to you. If they can’t answer–if they hesitate or struggle–you have a precious opportunity to open the door to a fresh wind of the Spirit in their life and ministry. Not to mention what you will be accomplishing for the kingdom! But… in order to lead them, you first have to submit to Paul’s desire that you not be ignorant of spiritual gifts.

One last instruction: You must be prepared to direct those believers to a way to live out the truth they discover. More about that in my next post…

2 thoughts on “What’s the big deal?

  1. What a good reminder Andee! I read an article from Barna a while back about Spiritual Gifts. They did a survey to see what Christians thought about Spiritual Gifts. What some people named as gifts was very disappointing. Most confused the gifts of the Spirit with Spiritual Gifts or talents or skills with Spiritual Gifts. Things like happiness, organization, compassion (which I guess could be mercy, but is different) were named. I think the church is growing an awareness for Spiritual Gifts but still has a long way to go to being able to use them and apply them. Like so many other things, it seems the church right now is aware but misinterpreting or misunderstanding them.

  2. Thanks, Rachel, for sharing your thoughts. I find it so frustrating when churches pay lip service to spiritual gifts, but don’t follow through with consistent teaching about them and providing discovery opportunities!

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