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Quick Tips from a T-Shirt

Here’s your A to Z Guide for Developing People and Growing Ministry!*

  • Assign a core team
  • Build on a biblical foundation
  • Create a volunteer-friendly culture
  • Delegate ministry responsibilities
  • Energize your team through affirmation
  • Focus on the vision
  • Give it time
  • Have fun
  • Identify the uniqueness of people
  • Join the community
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Lead from your strengths
  • Mobilize your people
  • Notice the progress
  • Organize your connecting systems
  • Prepare people for ministry
  • eQuip
  • give Recognition
  • Stay the course
  • Talk openly
  • Utilize available resources
  • Value people
  • Worry less; pray more
  • be eXternally focused
  • take care of You
  • add some daZZle to your ministry!

    Equipping t-shirt

    Coolest T-shirt I own!

Advent is a season of preparation, of anticipation, of hope and rejoicing. In that same spirit, I’ll be “unwrapping” some of these tips throughout Advent and Christmas in hopes of sharing a useful tip or insight that will grow your ministry!


*From the creative minds of Church Volunteer Central’s Bob D’Ambrosio and Sue Brage, designed in anticipation of LifeServe 2011 (http://lifeserve.group.com).

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