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Vision Dripping Postscript

P.S.–If you want (or need) to think a bit more about vision dripping…

Reflecting on Walt Disney’s speech to potential investors (quoted in my previous post), which picture drips that vision for you?


Now, thinking about a vision for worship ministry, which photo represents a compelling vision?








The old saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words.” We need to turn that around and paint a picture with far less than a thousand words! Get out your Thesaurus. Practice painting your vision with words.

Say it out loud. Is it compelling? Your opinion doesn’t count, so practice with someone until they can see your picture clearly. Practice until they are excited, until they catch the vision and want to run with it themselves.

Then, as the saying goes, take it to the streets! Remember: You never know who God can use to make your vision a reality, so share it and share it again…


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